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My practice is currently closed for the time being. But I will be back, because we will get through this together.  To support me to staying in business, please buy a gift certificate or package of multiple sessions, or donate to help me cover the cost of bills to hold onto the space.  Follow me on Instagram to get updates on when I will be able to re-open, and to see my thoughts on building resiliency.  I hope to be back in April 2020, but will post updates every week.  I really appreciate all of you supporting this practice, and I am holding onto hope that we will see each other again very soon. 

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 Holding Space for You

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork for relaxation, pain management, joint mobility, and detox.  Sessions are customized with the best tools and techniques for YOU. 

Our mission is to hold a space for healing, to provide care that is holistic & body positive, gender inclusive, trauma-informed, and accessible to people with disabilities. 

We work with people who are wanting a relaxing place to decrease stress by resetting the nervous system, reducing pain from repetitive stress or old injury, and tonifying your body to flush your lymph and blood, bring oxygen to your cells, increasing your own endorphins and allowing your body to activate it's own ability to heal.

Each session is customized with the best techniques and modalities for what you need.  We use Myofascial Release, Swedish, Structural Integration, Therapeutic Stretching, Sports Massage, Ashiatsu (barefoot massage) for gentle deep tissue, Cupping therapies, and more.

Every body deserves care that is centered on YOU.

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Holistic & Therapeutic
Barefoot Massage
Cupping Therapy

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